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Fund Raising For Marathon

Posted By on Nov 9, 2012

Simply Asia Team is raising funds for a marathon in aid Spastic Johor Association of Johor.   Any information please contact : Madam Jessica H/P Number : 016 – 7938625 Office Number : 07 – 2235452 Email :

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Spastic Johor Golf Charity 2012

Posted By on Oct 16, 2012

As part of our fund raising activities, Spastic Johor has decided to hold the above event on 22nd November 2012 at Pulai Springs Resort, Johor Bahru.   The fund that we expect to raise is basically to cover the following needs:-   i) To help finance the renovation of our main hall to be more user friendly to the spastic children in our care and other users. The cost is expected to be approximately RM1.35 million and in this respect the Federal Government via the good office of the Deputy Prime Minister has already given us a grant of RM1 million which leaves us with a short fall of RM350K.   ii)   To help us address our financial deficits that we have been experiencing over the last few years as a result of rising operating costs. Being an NGO, our ability to raise funds as a “business concern” is very limited. Thus, we are very dependent on public generosity for giving us donations/contributions both cash and in kind.   As donors, we would accept donation exceeding RM5,000.00 per flight. We would like you to invite your guests/associates who are golfers to come and play in this event. The number of players (with valid handicap) that can be introduced by such donors should not exceed 4 people. However we will be happy to discuss and accommodate any additional number depending on your actual contributions.   All cash contributions are tax exempt as our Association is a registered charitable organization. All payments/remittances should be in the name of “Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Spastik Johor”.   Further information about ourselves as an NGO can be obtained at our website. Please feel free to browse through the rest of the website to obtain further information. You may also call the following persons if you need further clarification about this event:-   i)    Puan Nooraini ii)   Puan Asiah iii)  Ms. Usha   You may also download the following:-   i)    Registration form for the players (to be faxed to us on completion) ii)   Rules of the game.     “HELP US, WE...

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