Annual School Events

Telematches & Water Sports


Sporting activities not only allow for a day filled with fun and entertainment but more importantly, it provides a social platform for both children and staff to interact with each other. Determination and true sporting spirit can be seen in each of the children’s faces. Despite their limited physical abilities, our students reflect a spirit of courage that is no less than any of their able-bodied counterparts. Win or Lose, it does not matter, what is important is that our athletes give their very best in all categories they take part in.

Achievement Day

Certificates of Appreciation and Achievement are awarded to students who excel in the field of education and sports. The school encourages pupil progression in all areas of educational endeavors and accomplishment in co-curricular activities. As such, the best progress and co-curriculum prizes are presented on this occasion to outstanding achievers.



Our school children actively participate in the yearly concert by putting up dramas, dances and choir performances. The children also join in their rendition of a medley of songs by all who are present. It is always a momentous occasion for our performers who participate in plays and dance routines; especially when they make an impression on the audience.

Thinking Day

The purpose of thinking day held by the Boy Scouts & Girl Guides is to get the children to participate in more advanced daily living activities such as camping, meal preparation, general hygiene, trekking and route planning. In learning how to do things on their own and not relying on others for help; the children become independent.

Teacher’s Day

All members of the teaching and therapy staff are commended for their contribution in enriching the lives of our special needs children/young adults. The Principal gives a speech after which everyone is treated to a delicious buffet lunch. There are also fun-filled activities and games that involve the children and staff. This is then followed by presentation of gifts and tokens.